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Youth golf development

Private Lessons

Junior or Grown up, let's take your golf to the next level

James is dedicated and passionate golf coach renowned for his exceptional ability to nurture the growth and development of golfers at all skill levels. With 12 years of invaluable experience as a coach with the esteemed Bannlynch Coaching Team at Yarra Bend, James has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of golfers and guiding beginners on their journey to club and state representation.


Currently serving as the head coach of golfstudio, James continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment to the holistic development of golfers. His expertise, patient guidance and technical proficiency enable him to tailor coaching methods to suit the unique needs of each individual, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where golfers of all abilities can thrive.

Through his genuine passion for the sport and tireless efforts, James has earned a reputation as a highly respected coach who empowers golfers to reach their fullest potential, making golfstudio the preferred destination for those seeking excellence in their golf journey.

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