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Golf classes for beginners

GameOn in Schools

In-Studio Junior Golf Coaching Programs

Elevate your young golfer's game with our In-Studio Junior Golf Coaching Programs. Conducted in our state of the art studio, these sessions offer personalised instruction for junior golfers of all skill levels. Our experienced coaches use Trackman technology to analyse and refine every aspect of their swing, ensuring a tailored approach to skill development.


Whether they're mastering the fundamentals or fine-tuning precision, our programs provide unparalleled insights for unlocking the full golfing potential of junior players.

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In-School Junior Golf Programs:

Immerse your school's students in the world of golf with our specially designed In-School Junior Golf Programs. Tailored to learners of all abilities and experience, these sessions use games-based learning to make golf accessible and enjoyable.

Certified PGA coaches bring the excitement of the sport directly to students within the school setting, creating a fun and supportive environment.

These engaging programs not only develop fundamental golf skills but also instill a lifelong love for the game in our youngest players.

Note: All coaches have current working with Children checks

Firbank Brighton - Turner House​​



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