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Golf etiquette and basic rules on the course

Updated: 3 days ago

  • Respect the Course: Treat the golf course like your own backyard – no jumping on the beds (greens), and watch out for the sandcastle (bunkers)!

  • Keep the Game Moving: Pretend you're on a treasure hunt and keep the game moving so you can find the hidden gems (golf balls) faster!

  • Greens are Sacred Grounds: Be a superhero and fix any dents (ball marks) you find on the greens to save them from disaster!

  • Safety is Cool: Remember to look both ways (and behind) before swinging your club – safety first, always!

  • Friendly Faces Everywhere: Treat other players like teammates – cheer them on and give high-fives, even if they're from the opposing team (or foursome)!

  • Follow the Map (Course Rules): Every course has its own special rules – be sure to check the treasure map (scorecard) for any hidden traps!

  • Gear Up, Matey!: Keep your treasure-hunting tools (clubs) clean and shiny – you never know when you'll need them to dig for buried treasure (make a hole-in-one)!

  • Play Fair, Be a Star: The true treasure is honesty – keep track of your booty (score) and always play by the rules, even when no one's watching!

  • Watch out for Critters: Keep an eye out for our furry friends – the course is their home too, so let's be kind and let them play undisturbed!

  • Nature's Playground: Explore and enjoy the great outdoors – but remember to be a friend to Mother Nature by keeping her clean and green!

With these fun and easy rules, young golfers can hit the course with a smile, ready to explore and learn while having a blast!

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